MASkargo’s Warehouse Enhancement Project On Steady Progress

MASkargo announced that the Material Handling Control System (MHCS) enhancement project for its Advanced Cargo Center  (ACC) is positively on track, with full operational status set to take place in April 2014.

The multi-million ringgit project which will redefine cutting-edge technology, elevating cargo handling system to a whole new level, kicked-off in 2011 with the aim of upgrading and accommodating MASkargo’s growth plans over the next 10 years.

“The impact of the enhancement thus far has been very impressive. Our team is more capable to handle cargo in a more efficient and expedient manner to better serve our customers. Although the enhancement has yet to be completed, the technology applied has improved the handling of transhipment cargo,” said Mohd Yunus Idris, Chief Executive Officer of MASkargo.

He continued, “We are opening our doors as one of the largest and most sophisticated air cargo terminals in the world. Our ACC is improving to offer customers the advantages of service level consistency, extended cut-off times and reduced connection handling time of transhipments due to a balanced mix of just-in-time operations and state-of-the-art technology.”

Describing the benefits of MHCS enhancement as “vast”, Yunus point to the capacity for modern architecture and fully-automated warehouse system, which can minimize cost whilst increasing quality of service and system performance.

The MHCS enhancement project valued in excess of RM100 Million will be completed in five phases – Diagnosis, Design and Development; Initial Repairs and Modifications; IT System Implementation; Refurbishment and finally  Enhancement. Currently it is running on Stage 3 of its deliverables at 55 per cent completion rate.

Importantly, archiving this stage at a very short period of time is a huge impact which enables cost saving benefits to MASkargo customers, adding to the already high standard of customer service they receive.

The enhancement project was signed in 2011 with Lodige Industries Group, a global market leader in Air Cargo Handling system to airlines and freight forwarders around the globe.

Developed in 1998, the ACC was built to handle 650,000 tonnes of cargo per annum. Upon completion of the upgrade, it is expected that MASkargo will be able to handle up to 1 million tonnes of cargo annually